Monday, 3 January 2011

Sun 2 Jan - A Climbing Sandwich

I think you would probably call today a climbing sandwich, a typical lazy Sunday with a burst of activity in the middle.
Tracey Emin's Bed - not a patch on ours!

Woke up at about 9.30am, or at least properly woke up at 9.30 having been snoozing for the last couple of hours, and just stayed put once more with breakfast and the papers spread everywhere (Tracey Emin, eat your heart out).   Getting to be bit of a habit this.   Going back to work will come a little hard.  But then, hey, where off to Italy for three weeks shortly!  And that is work, of sorts.   So much to do in so little time.

I'm sure this rope's supposed to go somewhere?
We did, however, finally drag ourselves away from the papers and out of bed, we grabbed harnesses, shoes, chalk bags and rope and actually made it to Craggy(1) for midday.

Not having been climbing since well before Christmas and with both of us making good progress following injury, we took it easy, but climbed our socks off for three solid hours.  Well, sort of.  We did take a mini break for a cup of tea and piece of cake.  With Craggy's cakes, it would be rude not to....

And so we climbed.  Slowly but consistently.  Nothing above a 6b top rope or 6a lead but very, very satisfying.  Soooooo looking forward to our lesson with Lucy Creamer(2) in March.  Am really hoping the Italian rock will be dry/warm enough to put in some sneaky climbs whilst we're away.

Came home weary but happy, marvelled at the sunset over the South Downs and just blobbed on the sofa for the evening.  All thoughts of going for a run well and truly parked until tomorrow, all of a sudden Songs of Praise seemed very exciting and unmissable indeed!

A beautiful end to a lovely Sunday in January

(1)  Craggy Island Climbing, Guildford, Surrey
(2)  Lucy Creamer Masterclass - The BMC

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