Sunday, 9 January 2011

Friday 7 January - Packing, unpacking and a sweaty gym

A far, far better day today.  In fact, a very good day indeed.  With big highs always comes big lows and yesterday was just one of those days.   Take it as it comes.   Accept it, deal with it and move on.   So, with the mini panic and major faff out of the way the focus, energy and high spirits were back.  In full force.

Just the start!  Plenty more to come :-(
Whilst KP was at work I packed, sealed and labelled all our wordly goods and placed them by the door in the correct order for packing into the beastie (anal? me?).  This won't be needed so goes to the bottom, this definitely will so goes at the top.  Simple really, until you realise the space being taken up by the door has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the space available in the beastie.  Oh dear.  Park that one for now and think about it later.  Two heads being scratched together will be better than one.

Turned my full attention next to ensuring that no nasty smells nor surprises will be there to welcome us home in February.  In February?  How good does that sound?!   We're not coming home till February!   Spring will be just around the corner.   And my birthday ;-)

All our worldly goods in a shopping trolley
And so I cleaned out the fridge, bathrooms, linen basket and rubbish  bins. I changed the bed linen and gave the flat a good old fashioned vacuum and tidied up the balcony.  All looks and smells just beautiful.   Not that it didn't before, it's just much better now.

On KP's return, we pondered the space in the beastie issue.   Hmmmmm...  Nothing for it but to take out all the stuff packed from Andy's storage barn yesterday and repack with the new load in mind.   With some creative pushing, shoving, grunting and groaning we did it.   And in a good, logical order too, so I was happy.  Until, that is, overzealous border patrol man notices the gas bottle concealed at the bottom...   Emptying this lot out at a border crossing will not be funny.
Almost there!

But we did it.  And wandered back to our squeaky clean flat feeling very smug and pleased indeed.

So much so that we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the gym instead if pounding the grey streets of Horsham in the pouring rain.

Now the last time we went to the gym it was before Christmas time.   Empty gym, fresh atmosphere, plenty of space and machines.  Now, I'm all for people taking their lives in hand and changing for the better with a little light exercise, but why do it all at the same time???  Couldn't you just spread it out a little, over the course of the year?  Said gym was bursting at the seams and full of heaving, sweating, grunting enthusiasts (me included).  Ah well, ho hum and all that, by the time we get back all the new year resolutions will be but a distant memory.

Back home to catch up with friends and family and say a few sad goodbyes.  OK, I know we're only away for three weeks, but I'll still miss my girls.  Lots.  And my mum.

Finally settled down to a soup-come-stew a la KP (yum scrum thank you), and a good action packed Clint Eastwood movie.

A good day.

Early start tomorrow. 6am. Yuk.

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