Saturday, 16 August 2014


Calling all hikers, bikers, climbers, runners, or any sort of outdoor nature lover really

It's September, and do you know what happens in September?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.  And it's a tragedy.

Well, not exactly nothing, a few wise people come, but not many.  And that is the tragedy.  

September here in Abruzzo, and the whole of the autumn for that matter, is arguably the best time in the whole calendar year for outdoor people to explore off the beaten track.  

For late summer sun, warm enough for lazy days on the beach, or cool enough for hiking the endless trails of the wilderness that is the Majella National Park, there can be no better place to come in all of Europe.  

And we're here to guide you.  We're open all year, we have rooms available, we have gorgeous canvas bell tents cosy enough to take you through the cooler autumn months, we have stacks of information to get you out there and up into the hills and mountains.  We have equipment and guide books for climbers, we have Majella maps and our own hiking guides for hikers and walkers, we have mountain bikes you can use, and all the camping equipment you could ever need if you want to travel cheap and light - all you need bring is your tent and sleeping bag, we provide the rest.

Need any more persuasion to take your late holiday with us here in Abruzzo?

Here's our offer to all you outdoor and active nature lovers:

Email us with the dates you want to book, attach a photo of you being active in the great outdoors and we'll give you a 10% discount for September or October.

And there's more...

Because we know that you, like everyone else, will absolutely want to come back, we'll put all the photos into a popularity contest for a free, yes, free, holiday next year.  Any time you like, in one of our rooms or bell tents, for up to one week in 2015.

And there's more...

For everyone who comes, so confident are we of the wilderness in which we live that, for all those who hike all day long following one of our self-guided hikes and not see a soul, there's a bottle of superb Abruzzo wine at the end of it for you.

Boom boom.

What are you waiting for?

Here's where you can find out more:

Cool Camping
Trip Advisor

Go on, send us an email...
     you know you want to ;-)