Sunday, 1 July 2012

Walking Guide - Short Cut Scamble to the S.Liberatore

Start Kokopelli
Distance Approx 2 km
Time 30-45 mins
Grade Short, but a bit of a scramble in places - prepare for a bit of bum sliding!
Turn right out of Kokopelli and follow the tarmac road past the little chapel.  Just past the chapel look out for a gravel track where the tarmac road forks off to the left.  You’ll see a piece of blue gingham fabric tied to a tree.  Take this rough track.  About 10 metres along look out for another piece of gingham identifying the path you need to take on your right.  
From now on, your challenge is to look out for the blue gingham indicating the way.  There’s also some red paint daubed on a few trees, which also help to find the right routes.
At this tumbled down cottage, pick up the path that takes
you to the right-hand side of the house

There is one spot that does get a bit tricky to find the path.  This is where some loggers have been cutting and stacking logs right across the path.  You will go up a bank with a log pile at the top.  Pick your way around the left side of the pile and look for your next marker straight ahead and slightly to the right.

Scramble up the bank to the left of the log pile

...and look out for the route straight on but slightly to the right

Once you’ve successfully negotiating this part it should be plain sailing all the way.  Look out for the sneaky peak of the San Liberatore through the trees.
There she is!  The most beautiful Abbey of San Liberatore

You will need to cross a small stream, but it’s not too difficult. 

Eventually, you will come out onto a tarmac road.  Turn left for the San Liberatore (and the Chateau de ma Mere restaurant & bar if you fancy a bite) or right to Serramonacesca.

If you’re not quite done with exploring, there is a diversion well worth doing.  Just before you come to the tarmac road as above, look out for a tiny track to your right.  It does get rather over grown, but if you don’t mind beating your way through the undergrowth the rewards are well worth it.  

A secret swimming hole with a spectacular waterfall:

Well worth the reward