Saturday, 4 June 2011

Thurs 2 June - Sunshine, Rain & A Bundle of Energy

And so our week continued, a week dominated by a little bundle of champagne fireworks.  So much noise, fun and energy wrapped up in one tiny two year old body.  Oh, to be able to have such unadulterated expression of emotion

We went to the beach with squeals of delight as Sian took her into the sea, we played in the beach playground and we ate ice cream.  All with joyous abandon.  The beauty of being a child.  Life is just one big exciting playground and I'm going to let the whole world know!  

And then it rained.  On Wednesday.   All day long.  And Thursday.  All.  Day.  Long.   Actually, although sunshine would have been lovely, we still had a good time.  It just meant that rather than enjoying what nature has provided we made use of what man has provided.  We went to a shopping mall.  Normally avoided like the plague, but it was full of bright lights and sparkles, shop displays and climbable benches, long, wide malls perfect for running along and being chased along, and children's ride on play toys.  All of which provided much fun and amusement.

A great way to spend a wet afternoon with a two year old.  A good old mooch around we had with the chance to find a few presents home by Sian.  Coffee and cake were eaten and enjoyed whilst we were oblivious to the world outside.  Surely it must have stopped raining by now?  But, no.  When we wandered out a few hours later it was pouring buckets.  There was standing water all over the road and not a single teeny weeny bit of blue sky to offer hope anywhere.

This cannot last we thought.  It's June.  Summer.  Yes, yes, I know.  The garden needs it, blah, blah.  But we didn't.  So we battened down the hatches, had supper and went to bed.  Not before, however, checking all the websites for tomorrow's weather and picking the one we liked the best.  Sunshine, with a few scattered showers.  That sounds good.  We can cope with that.

But we clearly picked the wrong one.  The only part that was right was the showers bit.  No sun, and certainly not scattered.  Just one long shower that lasted most of the day.  So we went visiting.

Firstly down to see Natasha and Roberto, who were clearly delighted to have a little one running around and they spoilt her rotten with fun and games, cake and chocolate.   Next on the list came Ian and Carole, who provided the entertainment with their rabbits and chickens.

Finally, at long last, the sun returned.  The evening was very pleasant indeed and a very sharp contrast to the wet, dull day.  The earth warmed and dried in no time at all.  We played in the hammock, we played on the tractor and little Jess even "helped" me in restoring my trunk.

A lovely way to end a rather damp and grey day.

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