Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mon 30 May - Shattered Peace & A Bundle of Energy

The weekend just flew by.  So much to do, so little time.  Portsmouth with Kimbo on Friday, party time at  Gatton Manor on Saturday and on the plane back to Rome on Sunday. 

This is taking rather a long time....
The flight back with Sian and Jess went like clockwork.  Until we had to hold a most indignant Jess down on take off (boy, that little girl has got some lungs on her), until KP left his jacket on the plane, until Fiumicino Airport took the odd decision to close all access routes from the terminal into the carpark and not tell you where an alternative is, until KP lost the parking ticket, and me who was waiting with all the luggage.  

Other than that, we had a text book journey, but it did mean that rather than being home well before midnight as we expected it was 1.30am before we were rolling up the drive and smelling the fresh mountain air once more.

Jess was an absolute star and was just transferred straight from car to bed without so much as a murmur.   A couple of glasses of wine later and we were all very happy to be joining her (not literally of course) and sinking into our own very welcome beds.  

A mere five hours later and we were woken by a "Wowwwwwwwww!"  And a thousand Ohhhhhhhhhh Noooooooo's from Jess exercising her not insignificant lungs as she toddled out on the balcony for the first time, clearly very impressed with the view.  

It was rather nice that at two years old she could appreciate such beauty, but I just wished she could perhaps do it maybe a little more quietly.  Or even give the morning time to arrive.  But not a chance.  

Things reached decibel peak as soon as she found the pink wheel barrow and watering can (fatal error, what was I thinking?), followed swiftly by the fire engine and stable yard hiding in the wardrobe, into which Jess promptly inserted herself, looking very smug indeed.  Peace at last (but short lived).

Leaving KP at home with the peace that was returning as Jess was installed in her car seat, Sian and I did a brief visit to the supermarket to ensure my cupboards and fridge were well stocked with Jess-type foods.  

Trying out the paddling pool
A couple of hours later we got back to find a mown lawn, which had grown about 50 feet in the four days we were away, and a looking very pleased with himself KP blowing up the paddling pool.  Despite his peace and quiet now having been somewhat shattered once more, he did look rather happy to see us, or, rather, me.  It was a rather large paddling pool, and it was taking rather a lot of lung power to inflate it after all.

Eventually the pool was up and filled with the coldest water ever, but that still didn't stop KP getting in first, followed swiftly by a very over excited Jess and a very apprehensive Sian.  With the power of the midday sun, a paddling pool was a very welcome addition to our growing array of kiddies toys.

This is a good game
After they'd all finally worn themselves out with the high jinks of the extreme sport of paddling pooling, KP retired to his hammock with the clearly welcome addition of headphones, whilst Sian and Jess took advantage of the sun's rays, donned their shades and crashed out on the sun loungers under the olive trees. 

Needless to say, Sian lasted far longer spread eagled on the sunlounger turning a fetching shade of pink.  Jess, not quite getting this game, came to find me.  A jolly old game of peekaboo under the curtain then filled the kitchen with raucous laughter, until that was exhausted too.  Jess finally, and at long last, got this siesta game and fell asleep on my lap with a singing glow worm.

Playing in the mountain streams
The final activity of the day came with a late afternoon trip down to the Abbey and the plunge pools, the dappled sunlight and cold mountain water being very welcome indeed.  The whole day was neatly rounded off at the bar with Jess looking very pleased indeed, and very grown up, sitting at the table with her coke and straw and cheesey/sausagey nibbles. 

A barbecue supper and light display from the fireflies finished off a very good day.

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