Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sun 8 May - Copper Trunks & Sunday Football

Local footie, Italian style

We should do this falling out thing more often.  9.15am KP woke me up with a cup of tea! It wasn't the tea that amazed me (he's quite a sweety like that), but me still being asleep half way through the morning.  For a 5.30am riser that was amazing indeed.  

Our sofa "discussions" of yesterday, easily forgotten we were back on course with our harmonious, easy existence.  The sofa, too, looked far happier not being the eye of the storm and settled quite comfortably into it's new life tucked into the corner of the room (not diagonally across it).

With the temperature soaring to a glorious 35 degrees we just took Sunday as it came.  A day of rest.  Well, sort of.  Passive activity.

We both took our newly acquired sun loungers into the garden (need a supply for the campers, you see, must try them out), and disappeared into our own little headphone world of iPhone "Learn Italian".  And there we stayed.  

"Learn Italian" exhausted after a couple of hours, KP retired to his hammock and switched his language course to music.  Only obvious to me from the soft headphone induced tuneless singing along coming from under the olive trees.  I chuckled to myself, mischievously keeping him oblivious to the fact that his voice was being carried down the valley.  Tee hee.

My beautiful trunk
I, for my part, dragged out the ancient copper trunk from the barn (kindly left behind by the previous occupants and used as a rather splendid home for Mr & Mrs Rat and family).

I thought it beautiful, KP not quite so.  The wood, for the best part, and certainly the base, is rotted and gnawed beyond repair from many many years of rodent and worm habitation, but the studded copper covering is just beautiful.  Well worth the effort of restoration.  So I set to with wire wool and brush and gently began the slow process of removing the rust but retaining the soft patina where the copper has tarnished to a delightful bluey green.

Come 5pm, with the heat of the sun just starting to temper a little we wandered down to the sports field.  Serramonacesca United v some local side that I couldn't pronounce or remember.  Hoorah! Amateur football! Yippidee dee.

The Sunday crowd
Actually, it turned out to be a lot of fun and kept us entertained for the next hour.  And what a crowd!  We couldn't believe all the parked cars, the carpark was overflowing, even the Major was there!  Their football is clearly taken very seriously indeed. 

Antonio came to join us and explained proceedings.  Last match of the season and Serra were winning 4-1.  So we joined in the fun and excitement, added to by the fire crackers and flares and a climbing up of lamp posts behind the goal.  Local football, Italian style.  Brilliant. 

Serramonacesca United Fan Club
The highlight of the match was watching the ball disappear over the fence and down to the river beyond (which it did many times). "Fiume" (river) Antonio would mutter.  

A fresh ball would be kicked into play whilst some poor hapless soul would be sent off to disappear into the dense woods and undergrowth behind, descend down into the valley and the "fiume" at the bottom.  Sometime later he'd return, somewhat dishevelled, but with said ball under his arm, only to go back again a few minutes later.  Shame it's the last match, what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

A goal is scored!
Football over, with Serra victorious, we had a quick drink in the bar with the rest of the football crowd, and then home for the first barbie of the season.  

What a good Sunday.

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