Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tues 12 Apr - Bloody 'ell! A pregnant cat's just walked out your 'ouse!

Absolutely typical!  

The one day in the last week that I haven't been the first up (I'll admit to struggling a bit this morning) and we get an early morning visitor.  Ian again.  He was just passing by.  He does make me laugh and is rather growing on us.  He just does his own thing, take him as he is.  He'll just turn up on your doorstep, any time of day, and chat forever if it suits him, but will have no qualms at all of making no effort whatsoever if it doesn't.  His language is colourful, peppered with expletives that just fall into his sentences as though they're everyday words, and his opinions are always strong and readily given.

And so we were given our early morning call.  The our front door buzzer being pressed relentlessly and a holler to make sure we heard.  Yep, we heard.  KP did his usual of grabbing the nearest pair of jeans and going down to see what all the fuss was about.  Hearing his "bloody 'ell, a pregnant cat's just walked out your 'ouse!" left me in no doubt who our early morning visitor was.

The pregnant cat of Ian's exclamation seems to have adopted us and has become a regular visitor.  Another Serramonacesca resident that does seem to be growing on us.  And, just like Ian, she also seems to come and go at her leisure, is always happy to accept our hospitality and is equally incredibly vocal.  Maybe it's something that goes with the territory round here?

Ian gone and cat snoozing under the tree we got on with our day and the ongoing project of decorating the guest room and bathroom.

Tools were downed around 4 and an early evening climb was in order.  Again, still sticking at the easy stuff whilst our climbing heads return, a neat little 5c was ticked off, followed by a rather high in the grade 6a, with some brave moves from KP, and a finishing off with a top roped 6b.

A good way to end the day. I do like these long, warm evenings.

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