Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mon 11 Apr - A Burgundy Sofa & An Upset Karma

Big shopping day today.  Our weekly excursion into Pescara took us round the market where we loaded up with a few needed items, but nothing too exciting.  Depends, really, how excited you can get over a cheese grater, a basting brush and a bathroom curtain?

The next stop was another visit to Leroy Merlin, Italy's answer to Homebase, where we seem to be becoming regulars.  Much head scratching was done in the painting aisles and I think we've come away with some white wall paint, wood primer and some gloss, but you never know.

Same sofa, different colour

A wander around Mercatone Uno to gather sofa ideas left me somewhat reeling outside my comfort zone.  KP rather liked a corner unit.  A corner unit?!  And it was burgundy!  But it's modern.  I only function surrounded by the ancient and the traditional.  What about my karma? It'll never be the same again.

It would make sense though.  It would fit rather nicely in the room, it pulls out into a double bed (for overflow guests) and the burgundy would go with the green marble floor.  The green marble floor that I've only just realised is actually green, not different shades and swirls of black and grey.  

But will it go with my lovely new chest?
Green is my worst colour, and one that I usually avoid at all costs to prevent a colour clashing disaster, which is why I'm relying on KP to help out on the sofa selection project.  But I didn't expect him to pick out a burgundy corner unit!!!!  I need to think about this one.

What was left of the afternoon was spent putting up newly bought hanging things (in raffia and very boho) for the outside doors (in an attempt to keep out irritating small buzzing biting flying things) and constructing the outside eating/drinking/nattering over a carafe of vino table.  We also continued with the barn stripping and guest room decorating projects before doing the dreaded supermarket run. 

Done for the day, and its almost bedtime.  Amazing how time flies when there's just not enough of it. 

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