Saturday, 23 April 2011

Thurs 21 Apr - No More Kittens

Today was a very sad day.  Poor, poor, Cat. 

I knew something was wrong when she appeared early in the morning as usual, in ominous silence.  The most vocal cat I have ever known, she leaves you in no doubt whatsoever when she's around.  Her meow literally bounces off the walls and echoes around the hills.  But this morning she was silent, not a sound.  She wound herself in and out of my legs, sniffed at her food, and stayed as quiet as a mouse.  Eventually, she went away again, leaving her food untouched and me pondering the possibility of her maybe suffering from a post natal infection. 

If only that was all it was.  We could have treated that, made her better.  

The cause of her despair became apparent as we were sitting drinking coffee with Max and the geometra on the terrace.  Cat ran passed and into the house with a kitten in her mouth.  And then again, another one.  KP followed her this time and watched her disappear into the cupboard under the stairs.  He was convinced the kittens were dead, I was convinced otherwise.  Kittens always hang lifeless when being carried by their mother.  But KP, so sadly, was right.  

When Cat was done, and Max had gone, I made a fuss of Cat outside whilst KP checked under the stairs.  Four brown and white kittens in our climbing bag, and all dead.  Each with nasty, injuries.   Poor, poor, Cat.  Don't anyone ever tell me cats don't grieve.  This little cat was certainly suffering.  She never returned to the cupboard under the stairs, but never left our sides all day either.  Where we were, cat followed, looking so so sad, and every now and then giving a very low mournful cry.  

We spent the day continuing down in the bottom orchard.  Me raking, KP mowing, pruning and lopping.  Cat just lying on the warm cut grass, watching us and staying close.  It was a beautiful day, so very tranquil, quiet and warm, but even the sight of a beautiful, graceful eagle circling high up on the thermals above failed to lift our spirits.  Sometimes, life can be very harsh indeed. 

Cat did pick up a little as the day went on and, by the evening, started to eat again.  We left her at home as we did the dreaded supermarket run to stock up with enough to see us through the next four days when everything shuts down for Easter.   

Serra by night
Hearing that there will be an Easter procession at 8pm this evening in the village, we wandered up to see what was happening.  Nothing, as it turned out, until 10pm.  Far too late for us. 

So we just had a quick drink in the bar, a bit of banter and chat with the locals, and KP, with no shame whatsoever, making a point of chatting up the hopeful new mayor (after the elections in May). 

Back at home, Cat was waiting for us and joined us for the evening, thoroughly enjoying the open fire and our pink armchairs. 

Just for tonight.  Tomorrow she must return to being feral. 

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