Friday, 26 June 2015

A Micro-Escape to the Sea

Yesterday evening, he said let's go and camp at the seaside.  Within an hour we had packed a few bits, delegated the task of campsite monitor to one of our trustworthy campers, scooped up Finn the Dog and were trundling our way down from the Mother Mountain and along the valley that joins mountain to sea.

You can do that in Abruzzo, you see.  The land of fairy tales where you can be on the high, snow-clad peaks one minute and swimming in the sea the next.  Well not quite that quickly, but almost.

We arrived and set up camp in time to watch the sun sink slowly into the sea, a crisp and cold glass of white wine the perfect accompaniment.

A fish supper in the cove below, and then we were ready to snuggle up in the tent for the night.  Not too late to bed as we knew dawn would be calling all too soon.  

And so it was.  Up at 5am feeling the fresh air and bird song and the changing colours of the sky.  Breakfast on the beach was a must, as was a quick swim, before returning home once more.

Home and back to work by 9am, a micro-adventure it may not have been (not a bivvy sack or motorway in sight), but a micro-escape it certainly was.  

Eating sea food and watching the sky change from red
to a deep, deep inky blue scattered with a million stars

Slowly awakening before the sun has risen

The joy of just sitting and waiting for dawn

As the sun climbed higher, so the sky became redder
and the ships slowly crossed the horizon

Can there be a better way to take your morning coffee?

Almost light and sunrise almost over, so nearly time to go home

...but not before a quick swim before breakfast

Time to go home Finn.

Until the next time.

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