Sunday, 24 June 2012

One for the kids...

Kokopelli for the kids?  Not a market we've expected, considered or even courted, but one that is most very welcome!  Indeed, the more we think about it, the more we realise why we are being contacted by, and enjoying the company of, more and more families.

Abruzzo is perfect.  It is a wonderful natural playground.  We have woods and wilderness, open plains and shady plunge pools.  We have mountains, and wolves and bears and chamois.  We have natural beaches, blue flag beaches, sandy beaches, rocky coves.  We even have woodland fairies!

And Abruzzo, like the rest of Italy, absolutely loves children.  You'll be welcomed wherever you go.

And as for Kokopelli itself?  My own children spent their summers in the natural playground of Scottish Grampians, free and safe to run around, explore, play make-believe, build and discover.  No TV, no internet.  In other words, just to be children as children should be.  This is what we have at Kokopelli.  Freedom and space.

If you do happen to fancy something a little more "laid on" then the following, all within the Majella National Park, should keep your children (the big and the little) more than happy, the adults too!

The Majella National Park 
(ie our home and playground)

Festa of the Gnome!  Three days of woodland fairies, picnics, storytelling, theatre and games

Treetop adventure park with walkways, bridges and tunnels in a Tyrolean scenery:

Another treetop adventure park:

Excursions into the Majella, hiking, mountain biking, summer camps, environmental education, visitor centres, nature and wildlife museums, acheological sites, botanical gardens, these guys have it all.  The emphasis, of course, on the environment and sustainable tourism:

Whitewater rafting on the Aventino river:

A little bit further afield

Kayaking, and other active adventures on the Tirino and within the Tirino valley:

Aqualand!  Needs no explanation, waterslide fun for everyone:

Falconry in L'Aquila.  Monthly walks with falcons, buzzards and a wolf!

...and then, of course, there are the beaches:

Abruzzo summer - Kokopelli Style:

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