Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Gorge Walk into the Snow

Fara San Martino, such a beautiful gorge and utterly fabulous climbing.  The sight of all those newly bolted routes and stunning limestone colours and formations certainly got our climbing muscles twitching.  But not today, my fingers would have frozen onto the rock.  

And it was such a beautiful day for a walk.  Brilliant sunshine, crystal clear skies with far reaching views, cold, very fresh and plenty of snow just onwards and upwards a bit.  

We didn't quite make the full giro (about a 6 hour walk) as we were running out of daylight, serve us right for starting the day with a lazy breakfast in bed.  Fried egg & prosciutto on toast, with coffee of course.  It was rather nice.

KP wondering why we hadn't bought the climbing ropes

He had a point there.  Beautiful, beautiful limestone

Going into the gorge is just like going through the wardrobe
and stepping out in Narnia

Just sooooo much rock, so much yet to be bolted too.
A gorge to rival El Chorro (well known climbing mecca in Spain)

The restoration of the XIII century monastery of
San Martino in Valle is coming on beautifully

Onwards & upwards

Up into the snow line now

Coffee & Cake time :-)

Just so beautiful, and not a soul to be seen

Uh oh.  Snowball fight time.

The sun picking off the peaks is just not done justice
 by my lack of photographic skills

The sea in the distance can just be seen.
The perfect combination - sea, rock & snow

That's me!

And the treat of watching the little chamois,
watching me, watching you

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