Saturday, 31 December 2011

All The Sights of Serra

What a fabulous walk - a winter giro of the Alento Valley, from Kokopelli, up through Garifoli, into the back woods to the Torre di Polegra,

Torre di Polegra, Garifoli

Down to the San Liberatore,

San Liberatore & The Chateau de ma Mere

and then up and up and up to San Onofrio,

up further to Casteluccio, the ancient dry stone settlements, and some fabulous views all the way to the sea

Jaqs' new home...

Gran Sasso in the distance

Serramonacesca bottom left, Garifoli & Kokopelli centre right


The cross at the top, Casteluccio

Kokopelli in the middle

Finally, down to the Castel Menardo,

Castel Menardo

down the D2 towards Serra, taking in a couple more ancient, tumble down cottages along the way

before stopping at the Bar dello Sport, heaving with New Year's Eve bonhomie, a welcome cup of coffee for me and a Murphy's for KP

All in all a total of 17km and just over 4 hours of slow walking.

A truly lovely way to take in all the sights of Serra.

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