Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tues 12 July - Kitties, Veggies & A Fly Screen War

OK, so now it's hot, absolutely stunningly stiflingly hot.  And life here has slowed down in respect.  

Kat's kittie, 2 weeks old
Kat's kittens are coming on beautifully.  Their eyes are now open, just, and their tiny little legs can just about support their tubby little bodies so they sort of weebly wobble their drunken way around their box.  Another week and I think we may see a few tentative steps from their world into ours.  That should be amusing.

And the work goes on...
The barn work continues with the guys working relentlessly in this heat.  It can't be easy.  The ducting's been going in for the electrics and the plumbers been doing whatever it is that plumbers do.  The roof is done, the door frames are in and the walls are being plastered.  

Most exciting of all though, has been the delivery of the concrete slabs to start building the grand terrace with the best view in Abruzzo.  Now that I will get very excited about.  The only problem we need to ponder is what to do with all the concrete expanse whilst the hacked down figs and honeysuckle are slowly returning.  

Delivery of the wall slabs - very exciting!
Now, let me explain.  Because of the gradient difference between the barn and the ground below, the terrace has to be supported by one big massive concrete wall.  Not exactly the look we're going for.  I think its going to be very ugly.  So what to do with it?  Cover with green netting?  Trellis?  Or contact the local art college for any budding wall mural artisans?  I guess, like everything else, when it's up and ready the answer will find it's own way through.

Our veggies are coming on a treat.  Well, as best they can in my unmanured, dry, barren plot that's clearly, as everyone keeps telling me, in the wrong spot.  

The lettuces and rocket are just about keeping up with our voracious desire for fresh, hot peppery leaves every day, the tomatoes are turning red and the courgettes look just beautiful.  The cabbages and cauliflower (no idea which is which) have now, thankfully, grown beyond the bird pecking danger zone, so the orange Sainsbury's plastic bags can come out of the olive trees.  They are, however, attracting rather a lot of very pretty white butterflies.  They do make quite a picture as they flutter in and out of the rows, but I think, as their offspring start to arrive, I might be wishing them further and not oohing and ahhhhing quite so much.  Ho hum.  

Dry, barren & Heath Robinson, but producing!
The peppers and aubergines, however, are still lagging somewhat behind so I'm not too sure what's going on there or what they're waiting for.  The aubergines look like dark purple bullets, unlike Tina's great big bushy things dripping in mahoosive purple bulbous fruit.  Of course I'm not envious, honest (secretly hoping hers will wilt and shrivel).  Our peppers aren't doing much better either with their stunted growth and Neverland flowers - they've been in flower forever!

Other than that, and other than looking very Heath Robinson with all the makeshift canes and supports, I think it's just beautiful and can't wait until the whole garden is one big veggie plot.

The cooking experiments are continuing with the breadmaking having found it's own rhythm, the Nocino liqueur is still being sloshed around everyday (still, frustratingly, got sometime to go before sampling can begin) and the brine soaked walnuts are now ready for pickling.  They look and smell disgusting so I'm not too sure about that one.  The yoghurt, however, looks like it's worked a treat!  Thick, smooth and creamy with a jar of honey at the ready for breakfast. 

As a last update, we finally have mozzie screens over the bedroom doors.  Woo hoo.  Not.  The subject of a summer long, er, 'discussion', in the name of peace, tranquility and not finding myself locked away in some seedy Italian jail as a crazed murderess, I have, finally, relented.  Or rather, after another night of KP leaping naked round the room like a demented wart hog being attacked by a swarm of bees, it was more of a "forcrissakes just get the damned things up!" 

And so he did.  I may now be locked into our bedroom, I may not be able to get out onto my beloved balcony, I may now have to go downstairs, outside, round the back and up the outside stairs to reach my wardrobe, drying room and to put the washing away but, hey, that's fine.  I may also, accidentally of course, walk right into it.  Sometimes I can be so clumsy.  But, hey, that would be fine too.  Tee hee...

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  1. Hinged i think is the way forward. And very clumsy you might just fall through the screen and over the balcony.