Sunday, 18 June 2017


MONDAY 26 JUNE - WEDNESDAY 19 JULY (inclusive)

The gentle Crista Soskolne from Finland joins us in just over a week for another month of daily vijnana yoga and meditation, along with weekly mindful hiking and atmospheric yoga mornings in a very special place.

The programme below is available to all and suitable for everyone of all ages, from the complete beginner to the more experienced.  Mats are provided, but feel free to bring your own.  Booking isn't necessary, but it's always nice to know who's coming.  If you'd like to have a chat before you come, give me a call:  +39 333 4636 075 


(subject to change depending on weather)

Monday 26 June - Wednesday 19 July (inclusive) 

Monday, Tuesday:  8am - 9.30am ~ morning yoga & meditation at Kokopelli ~ €12.00

Wednesday:  7:45am - 1pm (approx) ~ mindful hiking with yoga, departure from Kokopelli 7:45am ~ €32

Thursday, *Friday:  10am - 9.30am ~ morning yoga & meditation at Kokopelli ~ €12,00

Saturday:  10am - 11.30am ~ atmospheric yoga on the banks of the Alento river, Serramonacesca ~ €12.  Afterwards, we will also take an optional walk along the river up to the Torre Polegra, so why not bring suitable shoes and a picnic and make a morning of it (€5 voluntary contribution for the walk)

* If there's enough demand, the Friday session will be at 7am on the beach at Pomodoro Spiaggia (the free beach between Francavilla and Tollo Station - click here for location).  Transport available from Kokopelli with a contribution towards petrol.

Booking and more info

Tel/WhatsApp:  +39 333 4636 075

Accommodation available at Kokopelli Camping, Serramonacesca

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Wild camping in the woods

...well, sort of.

For those who want their camping to be even more back to nature and tucked away, we have a lovely little woodland spot where abandoned cultivated terraces are rewilding in their truest sense.  Trophic cascading has already begun with the return of the wolf, and the wild boar, deer, polecats and foxes are plentiful.  

We have changed nothing or altered anything, it is as nature dictates.  All we've done is set up a humanure toilet to ensure things are kept clean and our impact minimal (and we will have a good supply of compost in a year or two!)

Numbers will be strictly limited, you can come in your own tent or you can hire one of ours for €1 a night (€1 tent hire).  You can give hammock camping a try, we have a couple of those, or you can stay on the campsite and have a night in the woods.  Whatever you like.  If you'd like to know more, drop me a line:

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mindful hiking and Summer Yoga

An introduction to our summer programme of morning yoga and mindful hiking, plus a special offer if booked in advance (see below for details of cost, etc)

As the sun comes up...        Early morning Maiella

Being outside has always been my breath and my food, nourishment for my body and life for my soul.
  From when I was a little girl, I have always felt the joy of feeling the fresh, cold air on my face, of smelling the damp earth and wet grass, listening to the birds and watching the seasons change.  Even now, I can still transport myself back to that 10 year old little girl pedalling her bicycle and singing along with the birds as the world slowly awakens.  Just a damp, earthy smell, or a memory of the hedgerows, blackberries and ploughed fields of rural England and I am that happy, singing and pedalling little girl once more. 

My heart hasn't always soared with the birds, and there have been times when it's been so dark and heavy that I've wondered if my heart would ever fly again, or beat to the serenity of a gentle breeze in the summer trees.  But the outside kept calling and Mother Nature healed. Just a drop of rain on a leaf, an opening flower, a blade of grass.  All tiny droplets of future memories to drink in and savour, and bank as warm smiles that can make my heart soar again and again.

Taking the time, just to look.  No more, no less.
Parco Nazionale della Maiella

Hiking in untamed, wild places where nature has been left the freedom and peace to work her own creativity offers an endless source of thrills and delights.  An uncontrolled wilderness, where no plant or tree has been tamed to grow in straight lines, where paths meander according to the logic of the animals that created them, is the perfect antidote to our fast paced, ever changing, ever controlled world.  

Hiking on its own will refresh and revive, but to go that bit deeper, to feel with all your senses the myriad and kaleidoscope of colours, smells, sights and sounds takes time.  Not days and weeks of training to a programme, just simply stopping whilst you're walking. Stopping to wait for your heart to settle, your muscles to relax, your senses to open.  Stopping to give yourself the time and the space to allow those moments to surface and to feel the wave of calm gently rise and swirl around you.  

Wild Majella

Mindful hiking

This will be our focus during our hikes of the summer, where anyone is welcome to join us.  In small groups once a week we will leave in the early morning to start the day with yoga and meditation in a beautiful place.  The mind and the body will be calmed yet primed to a heightened awareness to fully experience and absorb the wonders around us.  We will walk quietly and at peace, but we will also laugh and chat and share.  There will be silent moments where we will take the time to just sit and to be. 

These mindful hikes will be taking place every Wednesday for four weeks from the last Wednesday in June (28th), and any other day on special request. As always, anything we offer is perfectly flexible and adaptable to your needs.

The cost is just €35 per person.  We will leave Kokopelli at 7:45am and finish around lunch time with a brief stretch and reflect before finishing.  There will also be the option to join us for lunch afterwards to sample some superb local produce.

Lunch taken locally, always a treat


WHEN:   28 June, 5, 12, 19 July 2017
TIME:     Leave Kokopelli Camping 7.45am and return around 1pm (if not staying for lunch)
COST:    €35 per person (*see special offer below)
PLACE:  Will be decided on closer to the time taking into account weather conditions and group numbers

GROUP NUMBERS:  Minimum of 4, maximum of 8

Booking:  email
Questions:  email as above or telephone Jaqs on +39 333 4636075

Recommendations of what to bring or wear

  • Food and snacks
  • sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Covered hiking shoes (these can be lightweight but hiking sandals are not advised as we will be covering rough terrain)
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket
  • Sandals or flip flops for your hot tired feet at the end of the hike
  • Comfortable clothes suitable for doing yoga in and hiking in.  The day will start fresh, particularly if we go to higher altitudes, so warm layers are recommended that can be removed as the day warms up.  Leg coverings are also recommended as it is likely some of the paths we follow will not be well used and therefore overgrown in places.
  • Rucksack to carry your food, water and extra layers
  • Camera

Telephones: we encourage you to leave them at Kokopelli.  If this is not possible, at the very least they must be turned off and only used for taking pictures or absolute emergencies.

Yoga mats:  are provided but you may bring your own


From 26 June 2017 we are offering a €10 discount if a 6-day programme of yoga (and hiking) is booked and secured with a 50% deposit paid in advance.

COST:  €95 €85 per person 
(not including food/accommodation/travel, for accommodation options see below)

26 June - 1 July (inclusive)
3 - 8 July (inclusive)
10 - 15 July (inclusive)


Monday, Tuesday:  Morning yoga & meditation at Kokopelli, 7.30am - 9am
Wednesday:  Mindful hiking, 7.45am - 1pm
Thursday, Friday:   Morning yoga & meditation at Kokopelli, 7.30am - 9am

Saturday:  Mid-morning yoga & meditation in the grounds of the Abbey of San Liberatore a Maiella (1 & 15 July), 
or on the beach near Francavilla (8 & 22 July)

Further information

Crista Soskolne

Yoga with Crista Soskolne: 
Video, Urban Silence:

Accommodation (camping, glamping, tents, rooms & house to let) at Kokopelli Camping:

Morning yoga at Kokopelli Camping

Further reading:  Take a Mindful Hike, by Catherine Moray-Nase

Friday, 13 January 2017

Summer Yoga at Kokopelli Camping 2017

26 JUNE - 20 JULY 2017

Once again with Crista Soskolne, our lovely vijnana yoga teacher from Finland, we will be enjoying morning yoga at Kokopelli, along with weekly yoga hikes, impromptu sessions and optional private coaching throughout the day.  All sessions include coaching in breathing, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation, and can easily be tailored to individual needs, whether you are a beginner yogi or more experienced.

Crista also studied with an Ayurvedic Consultant in Israel for three years and can give advice on nutrition, daily routines and yoga movements according to body type.  A gentle, holistic approach.

Dates:  Crista will be with us from 26 June until 20 July 2017 and all sessions are available to anyone, whether you are staying with us or not.  Sessions are also available individually as you require or as part of a weekly package, with a special offer if you book and secure with a deposit in advance (see below).  

PROGRAMME (beginning Monday 26 June 2017)

Monday, Tuesday:  Morning yoga & meditation at Kokopelli, 7.30am - 9am (€12.00)
Wednesday:  Mindful hiking, 7.45am departure from Kokopelli, return approximately 1pm (€32.00)
Thursday, Friday:   Morning yoga & meditation at Kokopelli, 7.30am - 9am (€12.00)
Saturday:  Mid-morning yoga & meditation in the grounds of the Abbey of San Liberatore a Maiella (1 & 15 July), or on the beach near Francavilla (8 & 22 July)


We are offering a €10 discount if a 6-day programme of yoga and hiking (as above) is booked and secured with a 50% deposit paid in advance.  Available to everyone, you don't need to be staying with us.

COST:  €95 €85 per person 
(not including food/accommodation/travel, for accommodation options see below)

26 June - 1 July (inclusive)
3 - 8 July (inclusive)
10 - 15 July (inclusive)


Crista Soskolne

Accommodation at Kokopelli
(camping, glamping, tents, rooms & house to let)
Facebook Page

Mindful hiking

Booking and Questions

Feel free to email us with any questions, or to make a booking; but in the meantime a few pics from last summer's Yoga at Kokopelli...

Morning yoga at Kokopelli, a wonderful way to start the day

Saturday morning yoga at the Abbey of San Liberatore, Serramonacesca

Learning to just breathe

Impromptu sessions throughout the day, this one to learn handstands!

Taking the opportunity with some spectacular scenery on our yoga-hikes

Morning sessions in different locations around Serramonacesca

Yoga hiking

Playing with poses

Yoga hiking

Kokopelli Camping:
Kokopelli Townhouse: Kokopelli House
Phone:  +39 333 4636075

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Hiking the Majella

A few snaps from a recent romp up the hill to the Tavola dei Briganti, Majella National Park (17/06/2016).

Love this place

Friday, 5 February 2016

Easter Wild Things


Back to nature fun for kids in Italy this Easter

Truffle hunting, orienteering, crafting with nature, snow fun and more...

"A week in the countryside is worth three months in the classroom"   - George Monbiot, 2013
"Feral: in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication"  - definition, Oxford English Dictionary

Truffle hunting with these two - lots of fruitful fun! 

Together with our neighbours, Sebastian, Paola & Margot (truffle hunters & small holders), we want to share with other families the richness of the lives that we live in our own hidden wilderness.  We want to open up our world that feels a million miles away from classrooms, confines and civilisation.

A place where you can follow the rhythms of nature, watch the falling stars and rising moon, build fires and cook outside.  A place where you can get lost in the woods, build camps, paddle in streams, climb trees and graze your knees.

Where kids can be kids

We have a selection of tents, and all the camping equipment you could wish for.  We have luxury showers and a communal barn, fridges and cookers, pots and pans, and so much more.  

For one week over Easter we are aiming all of this for families with children aged between 6 and 14yrs.  All you need bring is you, your kids and a desire to go feral, we'll provide the rest.

Between 28 March - 1 April we'll be putting on four days of activities designed to immerse you and your children in nature and reconnect with the wild thing within.  (We're also planning similar for 30 May - 3 June, but with a focus on photographing nature from a child's perspective.)  An idea of the Easter activities are below (but subject to change depending on the weather):

Monday:  Spend 2-3 hours exploring the woods around us, learning all about working with truffle hounds in search of the coveted truffle, which grows in abundance on this land.

Tuesday:  We go off collecting sticks and berries, leaves, moss and herbs and spend an afternoon crafting gifts from the things that we have found around us.

Nature's gifts

Thursday:  We go out and find snow!  A half hour's drive takes us up the mountain to 1800m where there should still be plenty of snow for lots and lots of sledging fun.  Steaming hot chocolate in the ski chalet afterwards is the perfect end to a fun-filled afternoon.

Friday:  orienteering in the fields and woods around us.  Learn to how use a compass and follow clues in search of hidden treasure!

...and something for the grown-ups too:  parents can join in with the kids if they like, or take advantage of some free time to explore this wonderful area around us.  The hiking here is spectacular and we have plenty of maps and guidance as to where to go and what to do.

Hiking in the Majella National Park

The rest of the time, just go wild with your kids!  And we have plenty of space and suggestions for you.

What's it going to cost?

Accommodation:  self-catering in tents (roll mats, sleeping bags, blankets & towels provided): €16 per adult, per night, €8 per child aged 3 - 14yrs (under 2s go free, over 14s pay full price)

Activities:  four days as above, €150 per child.  Under 6s to be accompanied by an adult.

Maps & guidance:  completely free and given with pleasure!

Sample cost for a family of four: staying for 1 week, both kids joining in with activities:  €636.00

How to get to us

Nearest airport: Pescara (40 minute drive) via Ryan Air from: London Stansted, Brussels, Paris, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Milan Bergamo

For a greater choice of airports and airlines, the Rome airports are an excellent alternative and only a 2.5 - 3 hour drive.
See our website for more travel information:

More information

Browse the main tabs of this blog for information on our facilities and surrounding area, hiking in the Majella National Park, Abruzzo interior & coastline.  You might also find the following links useful:

Kokopelli Camping website:
Kokopelli Camping reviews:   Trip Advisor / Cool Camping
Paola & Sebastian:          Paola / Sebastian

Don't forget our social media pages too:

How to book

For booking or any other information, just send me an email or give me a call.  Please note that, apart from the orienteering treasure hunt (which will also be offered to local children), spaces on the activities will be strictly limited to a maximum of 6 children. 

mobile:  +39 333 4636075

Project Wild Thing:  Official Trailer

Travel Slow