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Hiking with Yoga in Abruzzo, Italy (2016)



And so the thoughts began to form.  This, our little corner of Italy, seems to attract yogis, spiritualists, deep thinkers, artists, story tellers, musicians; and with good cause.  The energy that flows through these valleys can be felt by all who take the time to listen and absorb, the scenery and landscape captures all.

The spirit of the Alento Valley, Serramonacesca

I've often gone about my morning and evening chores in the summertime quietly watching and listening to the yogis and musicians immersed in their own worlds of art, music and movement; sunrise, sunset.  It's a beautiful and serene moment, to watch a perfectly sculptured body, moving with grace and elegance, as the rising sun lights up the mountains, or to listen to the rhythmical strumming of a guitar and a softly singing voice as the mountains return to sleep once more, with the setting sun behind.

A Kokopelli Sunset

This summer, we're opening up these magical moments to anyone who would like to join us. Crista Soskolne, a Vijnana yoga instructor from Finland, was one of those yogis with us last year, practising her art under the shade of the trees.  She's now returning to Kokopelli this summer for 4 weeks in July to lead yoga and meditation, both at Kokopelli and carefully selected places nearby, perfect for experiencing the rising or setting sun.   Or simply for escaping the heat of the day by the cool, crystalline clear waters of the Alento river, under the dappled green shade of the trees.   

The cascading waters of the Alento River

All enchanting spaces, all nearby with the option of hiking with us to combine experiencing this wonderful land on foot, followed by yoga and meditation on a high plain, before descending back down. Or, if time is scarce, you can drive with only a short walk to join the session.  

Early morning hike to greet the rising sun


A full programme and location details will be available closer to the time but, for now, the provisional programme and costs are below.  The programme is available to all, to dip in and out as you choose, with 10% discount for Kokopelli Camping guests.  

Weekly throughout July 2016:

Greet the Sun, early morning meditation & yoga, high plain overlooking the sea
60-90 minute hike & yoga: €15
Yoga only: €12

Early morning yoga at Kokopelli: €12
Sunset mediation & yoga, high plain overlooking mountains: €12

Early morning yoga at Kokopelli: €12

Early morning yoga at Kokopelli: €12
Sunset mediation & yoga, high plain above Serramonacesca overlooking mountains: €12

Early morning yoga at Kokopelli: €12

Late breakfast & yoga
Banks of the Alento River, Abbazia di San Liberatore a Maiella
Picnic breakfast of freshly made bread from the ancient grains of Abruzzo, home-made jams, fruit & freshly brewed coffee
45 minute hike, yoga & breakfast: €20
Yoga & breakfast: €18
Yoga only: €12

Abbazia di San Liberatore a Maiella, Alento Valley, Serramonacesca


Kokopelli, Serramonacesca

Camping in your tent, or ours hired for €1 per night

Glamping in one of our bell tents or converted barn

Self-catering in our en-suite room in the farmhouse

Kokopelli website:
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Further information can be found from a browse of this blog

**Kokopelli House - Coming Spring/Summer 2016**
Self-catering town house (with garden) in the historic centre of Serramonacesca.  Sleeps 4 - 6.  
Email for more info:


Crista comes from Finland and, as well as being a Vijnana yoga instructor, she is also an Ayurvedic life coach & nutrition advisor.  She currently lives in Helsinki with her husband Iddo and their two children

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