Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Autumn & Winter Kokopelli Style!

As we skip merrily (but with a touch of sadness) into the final lap of summer, our thoughts after such an amazingly crazy wonderful summer with a whole host of equally amazing, crazy wonderful people, turn to how we can launch Kokopelli Autumn and Kokopelli Winter.

Last year, our first full winter here, we took the time out to just explore life in these hills, mountains and beaches of Abruzzo as the curtains slowly come down on summer.  Summer is magnificent, but could we, should we, develop an autumn/winter season here too?  

And we had an absolute ball.  The best ever.

So the answer was a huge, big, massive YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!

This land of Abruzzo comes into it's own.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  All taken between the end of September and March.  

Click on the links & enjoy.


Ah.  Almost forgot.  If you do want to come and stay and explore with us, you don't have to camp (although you could if you really, really wanted), as we have a rather nice warm room in the house, complete with radiators and en-suite bathroom.

We'll also be developing The Barn to include a wood burner, radiators & heated bathroom.  Hey, I might even be persuaded to do breakfast too if you really, really want me to....



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